Westmead House, Farnborough letting to Limb Care


Back in March, Geoff Reeve, was enjoying breakfast whilst watching BBC News when he heard an appeal from a local charity, Limb Care, who were losing their existing headquarters in Frimley and were desperately looking for a new property. This charity is run by Ray Edwards, the longest surviving quadruple amputee, who Geoff contacted that morning with the suggestion that he might be able to help them.  Please visit their website www.limbcare.org

The following day Geoff was having lunch with Malcolm Young of the Guildford based Wilky Property Group and the plight of the charity was mentioned. Malcolm, as a result, very kindly made the suggestion that within a building they owned in Farnborough, Westmead House, perhaps a suite of offices could be made available.

By the time Geoff returned from a short holiday he was delighted to hear that Limb Care were in fact moving in the next day having been shown round the building by his son, Nick, who, with the help of Sally Fish of the Wilky Group, had pushed things through to achieve early occupation.

A few days after his return Geoff went over to meet Ray Edwards in their new offices which will enable the charity to continue operating and hopefully thrive. It was great that Geoff had been able to facilitate the move which would not have been possible without the very generous offer from Malcolm and Sally Young of The Wilky Group.

Wadham & Isherwood are delighted to add Limb Care to the list of local charities they have supported over the years. They will be entering a team into Limbcare’s charity golf day to be held at Royal Ascot Golf Club on 29th September 2017 – please contact Geoff Reeve if you are interested in participating.