Watchmoor Park News


Watchmoor Estates has joined the Yorktown and Watchmoor Business Association Partnership, a forum for businesses and their representatives to express their views on the transportation and environmental strategies of the Local Authority and County Council. Members can also comment and make suggestions on local action plans, budget priorities and taxation levels.

Nick Reeve of Wadham and Isherwood, one of the joint agents at Watchmoor Park believes the partnership is good not only for the business park and local companies, but also the wider community and commented: “Decisions taken by the local authorities can have a major impact on local companies and forums such as this one ensure that the needs of the business community are heard.”

Watchmoor Estate’s support for the Business Association Partnership also means that, from time-to-time, its regular meetings will be held at the business park, making use of the meeting and catering facilities at The Coliseum.

For further information on the available opportunities at Watchmoor Park please contact Nick Reeve 01252 710822.