Demand for the high quality office accommodation at Watchmoor Park in Camberley has spiked in recent months and Wadham & Isherwood are delighted to announce the completion of 3 lettings totalling approx. 6,000 sq.ft. with a further 3 deals totalling just over 4,000 sq.ft. in solicitors hands

Wadham & Isherwood have seen a marked increase in occupier activity since the Christmas break. Whilst there is no denying that many companies are still finding things tough others have hoarded cash and are now looking to expand, renting more business space is the first sign of this trend and hopefully of an  improving economy!

Nick Reeve, Director of the Farnham office commented “whilst there is still an over supply of office occupation in the M3/Blackwater Valley area the majority of this space is dated and in many cases obsolete.  The total lack of speculative development in recent years has meant that there is a very limited supply of Grade A accommodation available for modern, IT savvy businesses looking for ‘green’ energy efficient buildings.  As a result those landlords who have or are in the process of refurbishing their properties to a high standard are generally finding that this investment pays off with companies increasingly becoming willing to pay slightly higher rents for the best properties.  As the economy improves there is the distinct possibility that we will go from feast to famine with a shortage of business space which will have the inevitable effect of increasing rents/values on the best and most energy efficient properties.”

Produced by Nick Reeve – Director Tel. 01252 710822