Top 10 Viewed properties from Wadham & Isherwood website – (September stats)


Our new website continues to produce fantastic results and is steadily climbing up the google rankings. Once again we have seen month on month increases in traffic with 2,727 visits (15.7% increase), 17,043 pages viewed and importantly 58% of visitors are viewing the website for the first time.

Our website provides us with a wealth of information enabling us to monitor popular pages, the number of hits, where viewings are coming from and more importantly how many people are viewing each individual property marketed on our site. The statistics obtained provide an extremely valuable overview on the types of property in most demand and the success or otherwise of each individual marketing campaign.

The September Top 10 viewed properties are as follows:-

1) Plestor House Business Centre, Liss
2) High Point, Guildford
3) Seven Stars, Farnham
4) Coombe Barn, Norton Farm, Selborne
5) Lumbry Park, Alton
6) 53 North Street, Guildford
7) 34 Downing Street, Farnham
8) 44a High Street, Cobham
9) Silvertree, Coxbridge, Farnham
10) 170 High-street, Guildford

For further information please contact Nick Reeve at the Farnham office.