A Stitch In Time: Why Regular Property Maintenance Pays


So it is true when managing a commercial property. Maintenance of your site is essential to the smooth running of the business and the continuation of its value. It protects your business, your employees and your customers; but it’s time-consuming and, if done incorrectly, potentially dangerous.

All in the planning

Planned schedules of maintenance identify and prevent minor maintenance issues before they become major structural problems. Not only does this avoid unnecessary work but will help you to save money in the long term. From straightforward gutter cleaning or roof inspections to general building surveys and pest control, by keeping to a timetable of checks and remedies, your commercial property will uphold its value to tenants.

Cost considerations

Put simply: don’t cut corners. Taking risks with your property maintenance is where things go wrong. Problems escalate and, ultimately, you can lose both tenants and reputation. Instead, limit your expenditure without taking safety risks. This is where professional management companies reveal their value. By utilising their experience and managing larger scale contracts with maintenance companies and contractors that allow for lower ongoing costs, you can maintain your properties at a high level without the high price tag.

Time is precious

Overcoming issues caused by neglected upkeep will take up time that you could be dedicating to growing your business. The cheaper and more intelligent option for businesses is to prevent problems occurring in the first place by regular commercial property maintenance. When you can outsource maintenance management, you will be less likely to have to deal with major property issues.

Reputation matters

A shabby, poorly maintained office or commercial premises sends out the wrong message to your customers and could eventually impact your business’ reputation. By ensuring your systems and operations are efficient, you can maximise client satisfaction. In addition to providing a comfortable work atmosphere, you will reduce the chance of losing a reliable and lucrative tenant.

The letter of the law

You could be breaching Health and Safety rules if you let building repair fall below certain standards. Ensuring that your premises conform to access requirements by regular lift inspections and grounds maintenance will help to fulfil regulatory and best practice requirements.

Future proofing

Refurbishment is a crucial time to incorporate sustainability projects to provide a better service for the tenant and add value to the property. From ensuring you have energy efficient lights to having proper building insulation, the effective maintenance of your commercial building is impacted for future years.

Pretty vacant

Maintenance is not just an issue for occupied buildings. Issues such as damp or mould that would be easily identified in an occupied property can become troublesome if they go unnoticed. However, spending time on maintaining a vacant property yourself can feel frustrating and unfulfilling. When undertaken by a commercial management representative, the work can be undertaken in tandem with seeking to contract new tenants.

Pests unwanted

The longer a pest problem takes to be solved, the wider it spreads. Consequently, the more costly and time-consuming it will become to eradicate. This can be disastrous to the business if the opportunity of leasing to an impromptu tenant arises or if you need to put a vacant property on the market.

With so many building aspects sitting under the umbrella of ‘maintenance’, this really is something that a commercial property landlord ignores at their peril. Keeping on top of it all is, of course, a challenge. Dealing with detailed and planned maintenance schedules is commonplace for the managers at Wadham & Isherwood. The benefit of this knowledge and experience is to ensure that your property is an attractive commercial prospect for a long time to come.