The Perks of Working in Woking


woking town

Delve a little deeper into this beautiful town and you will discover an amass of advantages to being in business here, not only for the town’s accessibility but also for the professional and cultural benefits that it offers.

Location Location Location

Accessible directly from the M25 and served by a vast number of trains from London Waterloo, Woking is hot on the heels of Clapham Junction as one of the most connected stations in the South. You can travel anywhere from here, making the plethora of attractive pockets of villages that surround Woking extremely desirable places to set up home.

Head Office

If you think that the highest levels of professional employment can only be found in London, you’d be wrong! The McLaren Group are the largest local employer, with their vast technology centre providing a home to several divisions and employment to thousands of people. Several other notable engineering and technology firms call this town home, but it’s not just the techies who flock here. Construction giant Sir Robert McAlpine, The Ambassador Theatre Group, the UK’s largest theatre owner and producer and the World Wildlife Fund all have UK head offices here. So whatever your specialism, there is a potential employer in Woking.

Alien Invasion

Beyond the corporate world, Woking loves to shout about its links to H. G. Wells’ classic story, The War of the Worlds, which was written and set in Woking. The 23ft high Martian Tripod sculpture has stood for nearly 20 years in the town centre as a tribute to this legacy and highlights the hidden quirkiness of this town.

That’s Entertainment

The New Victoria offers the brightest and sparkliest pantomime in Surrey. Once the territory of loud rabbles of school children, the modern panto has undergone something of a resurgence and is an ideal office outing come Christmas time. Woking has inspired an eclectic spring of music talent too, with The Jam hailing from (and writing about!) Woking and The Spice Girls forming at Woking Youth Arts Centre. There is certainly something for everyone in this town’s heritage.

Brands and Beyond

Woking is right up there in shopping mall culture. If you like your browsing to be full of big brands and lacking in long walks then Woking town centre is for you. Combined, the Peacocks and Wolsey Place house around 170 stores. But that’s not the end of the story; the new Victoria Square Development, which is set to open in 2021, will regenerate areas of residential potential and further lift Woking in the ranks of stellar shopping destinations.

Lunchtime Walks

The Basingstoke Canal passes through the north of the town and provides excellent lunchtime walking. To inject a bit of culture, add in a visit to The Lightbox, a gallery hosting various exhibitions and a history of Woking. The WWF is not just a major employer in the area; their town centre HQ houses the Living Planet Centre, a free to enter experience and visitor hub.

Exercising Mind and Body

Woking is home to the largest library in Surrey, so there’s no excuse not to get involved in, or even instigate, the office book club. Between them, Woking Leisure Centre and Pool in the Park facilitate a huge choice of sports and activities so if you prefer to follow your working day with something active you won’t be disappointed!

Woking already has a lot to offer for those seeking to work, or indeed live and work, here. However, it’s very far from the end of its story. It’s a town on the up, with increasing numbers of both employers and cultural facilities choosing to make it their home.