Farnham Fights Back


A new website aimed at drawing new businesses to Farnham has been launched, funded by local businesses with the shared interest of promoting the town.

The project, entitled Farnham Open for Business, was conceived as an initiative to promote the town as a dynamic location for business, and an attractive place to live and play and spend leisure time.

Geoff Reeve, of Wadham & Isherwood, whose brainchild it was to create the www.gu9.biz website, said “Generally speaking, as a commercial centre, Farnham has fared better than other towns during the recession.

However, if the town is to emerge from the difficult economic conditions in a strong position it is vital to attract new businesses and new investment to the town.

Experience tells us that, while the decision making process when choosing a new location for a company expansion or relocation is focused upon the availability of suitable commercial property, it is also influenced by other factors such as the availability of suitable homes for staff, schooling for their children, and the lifestyle that can be expected”.

In addition to providing list of available commercial properties in the town, www.gu9.biz provides information and links to local schools, sports clubs, leisure facilities, restaurants and attractions.

Geoff continued “The idea behind the Farnham Open for Business website was to bring all of these factors together in one place and to illustrate the opportunities the town offers to entrepreneurs and those looking to grow or relocate their business. At the same time, we wanted to highlight the facilities and services that are available to residents, organisations and their staff. In short, we wanted to show Farnham is a great place to work, live and play”.

The Farnham Open for Business website, built by Revolution Public Relations, has been sponsored by local companies and organisations including Tindle Newpapers, Wadham & Isherwood, Haworth King, Wise & Co, Threadneedle, Store Property, Bellamanda Investments, Five Bar Gate LLP, Hone Properties, Andrew Lodge, Greenwood and Company, Callaghans and Barringtons Solicitors.

One of the sponsors said: “Andrew Lodge Estate Agents fully supports this exciting initiative in promoting Farnham as the destination for business and their employees to be. To live and work in an attractive town like Farnham with its outstanding heritage, shops, schools, leisure facilities, communications and countryside is an experience not to miss”.

Revolution Public Relations’ Andrew Barber, who lives in Crondall, added “We have worked hard on this project to ensure that the website will be found by business and entrepreneurs looking for suitable locations for their enterprises. Before we had even launched the site officially it has been receiving visits from all around the UK and from abroad.

To find out more about advertising on www.gu9.biz or about the Farnham Open for Business initiative, email info@gu9.biz