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Acting on behalf of Mckay Securities, Wadham and Isherwood continue to improve the asset value at 1 Crown Square through carrying out various new lettings, lease renewals and re-gearings in the building where refurbishment of any vacant suites coming available is continuing to enable increases in  value. The tone of rents in the building  is now established  at £27.50/sqf through recent  lettings on the 2nd floor  to Stanchion Payments(1400 sqft) and Frobisher Capital (300 sqft).

Peter da Silva said ‘Mckays continue to invest in the building to produce high quality office accommodation with attendant amenities including top quality entrance hall and reception areas, contemporary meeting spaces, shower facilities and cycle racks and this in turn creates a building where there is always a good level of demand which then drives rent and hence value’. The next phase of refurbishment will see a self contained suite of approximately 2500 sqft on the first floor as well as further suites on the 4th floor becoming available, all due for completion in the Autumn.