53 North Street tops the stats in October as the most viewed property from the Wadham and Isherwood website.


The Wadham and Isherwood website continues to show great results since its launch at the start of the summer. In October the site received 2,887 unique visits (approx 2% increase on September) with a total of 18,248 pages being viewed.

Retail proves popular in October with 7 of the top 10 viewed properties being shops in Guildford, Farnham and Cobham, presumably retailers have been making last minute searches for shops capable of being open for the traditional boom in sales during the Christmas period.

53 North Street, Guildford, a prime retail unit topped the website stats with 79 unique page views over the month.

The October Top 10 properties are as follows:-

1) 53 North Street, Guildford (Retail)
2) Market Stall Kiosk, Castle Street, Farnham (Retail)
3) 5 Hurlands Business Centre, Farnham (Industrial / office)
4) 34 Downing Street, Farnham (Retail)
5) The Granary, Hones Yard, Farnham (Offices)
6) 44a High Street, Cobham (Retail)
7) 170 High Street, Guildford (Retail)
8) 6 Lion & Lamb Yard, Farnham (Retail)
9) 20 The Borough, Farnham (Retail)
10) High Point, Guildford (Offices)

For further information please contact Nick Reeve at the Farnham office on 01252 710822