10 Downing Street (Farnham)- An amusing comment on a recent planning application.


An amusing comment on a change of use application to a Tattoo Parlour (Sui Generis) for 10 Downing Street (Farnham!).

Copy of the actual response attached but the letter reads as follows:-

The Head of Planning
Waverley Borough Council
The Burys

14th March 2014

Dear Sir,

10 Downing Street, Farnham – WA/2014/0311

I write in respect of the above.

I am aware that one of the retailers in Downing Street is canvassing signatures opposing the application, for the change of use from Class A1 retail to sui generis use, as a Tattoo Parlour.

It seems to me that such a change of use would add vitality to this part of the town centre, by reason of the attraction outside of as well as within normal retail hours.  This approach accords with both the polices of the Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.  In particular, policy TC1 supports the variety of uses which would attract custom to the town centre.  Whilst this proposal is for a change of use from a Class A1 purpose, in the defined shopping area, there is no prima face conflict with policy TC2, in so far as the dominance of retail premises at ground floor level will remain.  INdeed, this would indicate policy support in line with TC2 (a) and (b).

I was going to resist having a tattoo in my advancing years.  However, having read the parochial comments on the file and those of the town council, I am bound to consider several Tattoo options, as follows:-

1) Right buttock – “Aldershot ’til I die”

2) Left buttock – ” Downing Street posse”

3) I have in mind a central option relating to the Farnham Society, but have yet to finalise the wording.

Whilst I appreciate that my bottom cannot reasonably be regarded as a material planning consideration, the same must equally apply to the comments of those who think this ‘type of use’ has no place in Farnham.  They sould be disregarded.  This applicant is prepared to invest considerable funds in the town and should be commended for doing so.

Yours faithfully

Can anyone better this?